The Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the Graduate College of the University of Iowa. It cooperates with the Departments of Mathematics, and other mathematically-oriented departments. The administrative offices are located in Room 14 of MacLean Hall. The current program chair is Professor Weimin Han. Follow the links to obtain further information or application materials.


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Recent Graduates

  • August, 2015Morgan Shiller Fonley
    Thesis title: Effects of Oscillatory Forcing on Hydrologic Systems under Extreme Conditions: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
    Professor Rodica Curtu (Mathematics)
    Position: Tenure-track, Alma College, Michigan
  • August, 2015Xiayi Wang
    Thesis title: Structured Modeling & Simulation of Articular Cartilage Lesion Formation: Development & Validation
    Professor Bruce Ayati (Mathematics)
    Position: Internship, IDx, LLC., Iowa City
  • August, 2015Boshi Yang
    Thesis title: A Conic Optimization Approach to Variants of the Trust Region Subproblem
    Professor Samuel Burer (Management Sciences)
    Position: Post-doc, Carnegie Mellon University
  • August, 2015Tianyi Zhang
    Thesis title: Source Recovery in Bioluminescence Tomography Based on Radiative Transfer
    Professor Weimin Han and Professor Jianfeng Cai (Mathematics)
    Position: Algorithmic Trader, Shanghai Cyndi Investment Co. Ltd.
  • August, 2015Chenhong Zhu
    Thesis title: New Insight into Models of Cardiac Caveolae and Arrhythmia
    Professor Colleen Mitchell (Mathematics)
    Position: Intermediate Programmer Analyst Asset Manager, AEGON USA Realty Advisors, LLC, Iowa