All Graduates

  • December 2014 Nathan David Ellingwood
    Methods for Improving Performance of Particle Tracking and Image Registration in Computational Lung Modeling Using Multi-core CPUs and GPUs
    Professor Ching-Long Lin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
    Post-Doc, IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, University of Iowa
  • August 2014 Rebecca Gasper
    Action Potentials in the Peripheral Auditory Nervous System: A Novel PDE Distribution Model
    Professor Colleen Mitchell (Mathematics)
    Tenure track, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
  • May 2014 Mark Krines
    On the Probabilistic Modeling of Consistency for Iterated Positional Election Procedures
    Professor Douglas Dion (Political Science),
    Professor Jonathan K. Hodge (Grand Valley State University)
    Lecturer, University of Wisconsin--Stout
  • December 2013 Jeannine Therese Abiva
    Learning the Association of Multiple Inputs in Recurrent Networks
    Professor Rodica Curtu (Mathematics)
  • July 2013 Qiwei Sheng
    Some Approximations to Radiative Transfer Equation and Their Applications
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Post-Doc, Washington University
  • July 2013 Mary Therese Zeithaml Padberg
    Software for Modeling Protein-bound DNA: Determining a Geometric Structure Consistent with Known Topological Data 
    Professor Isabel Darcy (Mathematics)
    Tenure track, University of Evansville, IN
  • July 2013 Fan Yang
    Asymptotics for Risk Measure of Extreme Risks
    Professor Qihe Tang (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    Tenure track, Actuarial Science, Drake University
  • May 2013 Bin Li
    Look-back Stopping Times and Their Applications to Liquidation Risks and Exotic Options
    Professor Lihe Wang (Mathematics),
    Professor Qihe Tang (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    Tenure track, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo
  • December 2012 Kai Tsuruta
    Construction of the Wave Operator for Nonlinear Dispersive Equations 
    Professor Xiaoyi Zhang (Mathematics),
    Professor Dong Li (Mathematics)
    Fellow in the hydrology lab of the faculty of forestry, University of British Columbia
  • July 2012 Jason Graham
    Mathematical Representations In Musculoskeletal Physiology And Cell Motility 
    Professor Bruce Ayati (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, University of Scranton, Penn.
  • July 2012 Danilo Diedrichs
    A Mathematical Model Of The Unfolded Protein Response To Stress In The Endoplasmic Reticulum Of Mammalian Cells Under Stress 
    Professor Rodica Curtu (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, Wheaton College, IL
  • May 2012 Kamuela Yong
    A Mathematical Model Of The Intreractions Between Pollination And Their Effects On Pollination Of Almonds
    Professor Yi Li (Mathematics)
    Professor Steve Hendrix (Biological Sciences)
    Alliance Postdoctoral Fellowship, Arizona State University
  • May 2012 Roseanne Wolf
    Defining New Insight Into Fatal Human Arrhythmia: A Mathematical Analysis
    Professor Colleen Mitchell (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, University of Dubuque
  • December 2011 Hongbo Dong
    Copositive Programming: Separation and Relaxations
    Professor Kurt M. Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
    Professor Samuel Burer (Management Sciences)
    Post-Doc in WID optimization group, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • July 2011 Darin Mohr
    Hybrid Runge-Kutta and Quasi-Newton Methods for Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization
    Professor Laurent Jay (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia
  • July 2011 Joseph Eichholz
    Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Radiative Transfer Equation and its Approximations
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • May 2011 Junjun Deng
    Parallel computing techniques for Computed Tomography
    Professor Lihe Wang (Mathematics)
    Senior scientist, Siemens molecular imaging
  • May 2011 Benjamin Galluzzo
    A Finite-Difference Based Approach to Solving the Subsurface Fluid Flow Equation in Heterogeneous Media
    Professor Lihe Wang (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track in Mathematics, Shippensburg University
  • May 2011 Scott Small
    Runge-Kutta Type Methods for Differential-Algebraic Equations in Mechanics
    Professor Laurent Jay (Mathematics)
    Post-Doc, Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, University of Iowa
  • December 2010 Hyeyoung Moon
    Calculating Knot Distances and Solving Tangle Equations Involving Montesinos Links
    Professor Isabel K. Darcy (Mathematics)
  • July 2010 Jon Van Laarhoven
    Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem
    Professor Kurt M. Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
    Professor Jeff Ohlmann (Management Sciences)
    Senior Analyst, Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Hampton, VA
  • July 2010 Yuan Wu
    The Partially Monotone Tensor Spline Estimation of Joint Distribution Function with Bivariate Current Status Data
    Professor Ying Zhang (Biostatistics)
    Post-doc, Department of Epidemiology, University of Iowa
  • July 2010 Stephanie Schmidt
    Mathematical Models of Ion Transport Through Nafion Membranes in Modified Electrodes and Fuel Cells without the Electroneutrality Assumption
    Professor Johna Leddy (Chemistry)
    Professor Gerhard Strohmer (Mathematics)
    Professor Bruce Ayati (Mathematics)
    Operations Research Analyst at Fiberight in Blairstown, IA
  • May 2010 Soojeong Kim
    A 4-string tangle analysis of DNA-protein complexes based on difference topology
    Professor Isabel K. Darcy (Mathematics)
    University College of Yonsei, South Korea
  • May 2010 Ian Besse
    Modeling caveolar sodium contributions to cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmogenesis
    Professor Colleen Mitchell (Mathematics)
    Tenure Track, University of Missouri at Kansas City
  • December 2009 Kevin Murphy
    The Structure of Gluons in Point Form Quantum Chromodynamics
    Professor William H. Klink (Physics and Astronomy)
    Tenure-track, St. Norbert College, DePere, WI 54115
  • August 2009 Le Gui
    Use of Operator Theory and Sub-band Filters in the Analysis and Encoding of Signals and Images
    Professor Palle Jorgensen (Mathematics)
    Tenure-track, Upper Iowa University
  • August 2009 Fengrong Wei
    High-dimensional Regression with Grouped Variables
    Professor Jian Huang (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    Tenure-track, University of West Georgia, Carrollton
  • May 2009 Yu Jiang
    Inference and Prediction in a Multiple Structural Break Model of Economic Time Series
    Professor John Geweke (Economics)
    School of Business, Nanjing University, China
  • May 2009 Brian Gillispie
    Instabilities of Elastic Objects in Motion
    Professor David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids
  • August 2008 Sujin Kim
    The Role of Bases and Wavelets in Stochastic Processes
    Professor Palle Jorgensen (Mathematics)
    Full-time instructor, Savannah State University
  • August 2008 Kamran Kazmi
    Mathematical Theory and Numerical Analysis of Integrated Bioluminescence Tomography and Diffuse Optical Tomography
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Tenure-track, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
  • July 2008 Omayra Ortega
    Evaluation of Rotavirus Vaccination Programs
    Professors Herb Hethcote(Mathematics)
    Tong Li (Mathematics)
    Tenure-track, Arizona State University - west campus
  • May 2008 Jerome Pansera
    Local Risk Minimization, Consistent Interest-Rate Modeling, and Applications to Life-Insurance
    Professor Elias S. W. Shiu (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    Tenure-track in Statistics and Actuarial Science, U of Iowa
  • December 2007 Ram Kishore Medikonduri
    Tabulation of Tangles and Solving Tangle Equations
    Professor Isabel Darcy (Mathematics)
    Pyxis Solutions, New York
  • July 2007 Ricardo Ortiz-Rosado
    Newton/AMG Algorithm for Solving Complementarity Problems Arising in Rigid Body Dynamics with Frictional Impacts
    Professor David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Postdoc, Tulane University
  • July 2007 Yang Ho Choi
    Curvature Arbitrage
    Professor Palle Jorgensen (Mathematics)
    Tenure-track, D'Youville College, Buffalo, NY
  • July 2007 Hun Kwon
    W^{2,p }Estimates for Linear Fourth Order Elliptic Equations with BMO Coefficients in Reifenberg Flat Domains
    Professor Lihe Wang (Mathematics)
    Postdoc, UT Austin
  • December 2006 Victoria Shimanovich
    Optimization of large scale sparse nonlinear systems for flexible protein conformations
    Professor Alberto Maria Segre (Computer Sciences)
    Tenure Track Professor, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, D'Youville College, Buffalo, NY
  • July 2006 Huseyin Coskun
    Mathematical Models for Ameboid Cell Motility And Model Based Inverse Problems
    Professor Yi Li (Mathematics)
    Post-Doctoral Associate, Department of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
  • May 2006 Roberto Saenz
    Mathematical Models for Two Species Sharing an Infectious Disease
    Professor Herbert Hethcote (Mathematics)
    Postdoc, University of Cambridge, UK
  • July 2005 Sara Del Valle
    Effects of Behavioral Changes and Mixing Patterns in Mathematical Models for Smallpox Epidemics
    Professor Herbert Hethcote (Mathematics)
    Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • July 2005 Jose Candelaria
    Construction and Analysis of Two Habitat Specific Dispersal Models
    Professor Herbert Hethcote (Mathematics)
    Professor Steve Hendrix (Biological Sciences)
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Cornell College
  • July 2005 Hyounkun Oh
    Spark Methods for Mixed Daes of Index 2 and 3 and their Application in Mechanics
    Professor Laurent Jay (Mathematics)
    Assistant Professor, Savannah State University
  • July 2005 Jiehua Zhu
    Image Reconstruction and Geometric Modeling in Computed Tomography
    Yangbo Ye (Mathematics)
    Ge Wang (Radiology)
    Shiying Zhao (Radiology)
    Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
  • December 2004 Xiaoxu Han
    Local Z Buffer Algorithms in Real Time Rendering of Large Complex Scenes
    Professor Jim Cremer (Computer Science)
    Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University
  • August 2004 Li Zhang
    The P-Hub Center Allocation Problem and the Q-Upgrading Arc Problem
    Professor Ann Campbell (Management Sciences)
    Assistant Professor, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina
  • August 2004 Viorel Bostan
    A Posteriori Error Analysis and Adaptive Finite Element Solution of Variational Inequalities of the Second Kind
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Assistant Professor, Technical University of Moldova
  • August 2003 Hong Jiang
    Exploring Algorithms for Network Capacity Dimensioning and Traffic Modeling
    Professor Dennis Bricker (Industrial Engineering)
    Motorola, Chicago
  • August 2003 Koung-Hee Leem
    Solving Linear Systems for Meshfree Discretizations
    Professors Suely Oliveira (Computer Science)
    Professor David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
  • August 2003 Changki Kim
    Modeling Surrender/Lapse Rates and Valuing Surrender Options in Korean Interest Indexed Annuities
    Professor Elias Shiu (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    University of Texas at Austin
  • May 2003 Imad Benjelloun
    A Dynamic Programming Model Integrating the Analytical Hierarchy Process
    Professor Dennis Bricker (Industrial Engineering)
    Delaware Valley College
  • May 2003 Chris Cartwright
    A Parallel Algorithm for Matrix Assembly in Meshfree Methods
    Professors David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Professor Suely Oliveira (Computer Sciences)
    Lawrence Tech University, Michigan
  • December 2002 Qinghong Zhang
    The Interior Point Method for Variational Inequalities and Perfect Duality for Semidefinite Programming
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Professor Ken Kortanek (Management Sciences)
    Northern Michigan University
  • December 2002 Jaehoon Seol
    Analysis of the Radiosity Equation Using the Collocation Method
    Professor Ken Atkinson (Mathematics and Computer Science)
    Valdosta State University, Georgia
  • December 2001 Sean Forman
    Torsion Angle Selection and Emergent Non-Local Secondary Structure in Protein Structure Prediction
    Professor Alberto Segre (Management Sciences)
    St. Josephs University in Philadelphia
  • December 2001 Li Hong
    Nonlinear Algorithms for Image Resolution Enhancement and Image Compression
    Professor Jarkko Kari (Computer Science)
    ST Microelectronics in San Diego
  • July 2001 Dacian Daescu
    Data Assimilation for Air Pollution Models
    Professor Greg Carmichael (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)
    Portland State University
  • July 2001 Wei Chen
    Pricing Fixed Income Securities with a Class of Markov Regime Switching Models
    Professor Raj Jagannathan (Management Sciences)
    Financial Software Group at SAS in North Carolina
  • December 2000 Mirela Iancu
    The Null-Space Method for Solving Differential-Algebraic Equations
    Professor Jeff Freeman (Mechanical Engineering)
    Delphi Automotive in Sandusky, Ohio
  • July 2000 Matt Schuette
    Modeling the Transmission of the Varicella-Zoster Virus
    Professor Herb Hethcote (Mathematics)
    Georgia Southern University
  • July 1999 Rob Aulwes
    Computational Methods in Dual Representations and Invariant Theory
    Professors Tuong Ton-That (Mathematics)
    Professors Bill Klink (Physics)
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • July 1998 Steve Benson
    Solving Large Scale Combinatorial Optimization Problems
    Professor Yinyu Ye (Management Sciences)
    Towers Perrin
  • July 1997 Mihai Anitescu
    Modeling Rigid Multibody Dynamics with Contact and Friction
    Professor Florian Potra (Mathematics)
    Argonne National Laboratory
  • July 1997 Adrian Sandu
    Numerical Aspects of Air Quality Modeling
    Professor Greg Carmichael (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)
    Professor Florian Potra (Mathematics)
    Virginia Tech University
  • December 1996 Goran Lesaja
    Interior-Point Methods for P*-complementarity Problems
    Professor Florian Potra (Mathematics)
    Georgia Southern University
  • July 1996 Rick Adkins
    Continuation and Bifurcation Methods for Mechanism Workspace and Controllability Analysis
    Professor Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
    Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • July 1996 Rob Dittmar
    Dynamic Economics with Nonconvexites
    Professor Dean Corbae (Economics)
    Research Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • July 1996 Lina Xu
    Optimization Methods for Computing Empirically Constrained Extremal Probability Distributions
    Professor Dennis Bricker (Industrial Engineering)
    Professor Ken Kortanek (Management Sciences)
    Milliman and Robinson: Actuaries and Consultants
  • December 1995 Chi-Mei Luh
    Numerical Methods for Workspace Analysis of Mechanisms and Manipulators
    Professor Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
  • December 1994 Waizhong Dai
    Numerical Solutions of Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Using an Explicit Finite Analytic Scheme
    Professor C.-J. Chen (Mechanical Engineering)
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Louisiana Tech University, Rushton, Louisiana
  • December 1994 Pi-Fang Hung
    An Asymptotical O(NL)-Iterator Path-Following Linear Programming Algorithm that Uses Wider Neighborhood and Its Implementation
    Professor Yinyu Ye (Management Sciences)
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Tung Hai University, Taichung, Taiwan
  • August 1993 Hui-Chun Tien
    Finite Analytic Method for Two-Dimensional Flow with Irregular Boundaries
    Professor C.-J. Chen (Mechanical Engineering)
    Department of Applied Mathematics, Providence University, Taiwan
  • May 1993 Hsiao-Ying Chang
    The Analytic Center Method for Entropy Optimization and Smooth Convex Programming Problems
    Professor Dennis Bricker (Industrial Engineering)
  • August 1992 Ming Gong Lee
    Stability and Convergence Results of Difference Approximation for Overdetermined Differential-Algebraic Equations with Applications to Implicit Integration of Constrained Mechanical System Dynamics
    Professor Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
    Chung-Hua University, Department of Applied Mathematics, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • December 1991 Mei-Hsui Chi
    Linear Semi-Infinite and Nondifferentiable Programming Methods for Robot Trajectory Planning Problems
    Professor Ken Kortanek (Management Sciences)
    Postdoctoral Position, Institute of Applied Mathematics, National Chung-Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan
  • December 1991 Mike Suelzer
    Analysis of Human Quantitative Judgement: Models of Sequential Magnitude Estimation
    Professors Don Dorfman (Psychology)
    Johannes Ledolter (Statistics)
    Director of The University of Iowa Statistical Consulting Center and President of DataMasters of Iowa, Inc., Iowa City, Iowa
  • August 1991 Huang Zhen
    Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Distribution System Design and Operation
    Professor Dennis Bricker (Industrial and Management Engineering)
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Otterbein College, Westville, Ohio
  • May 1991 Richard A. Bernatz
    Development of the Finite Analytic Method for Turbulent Forced and Free Convection
    Professor C.J. Chen (Mechanical Engineering)
    Associate Professor, Mathematics, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
  • May 1990 Randall G. Wills
    Resolution of the Multiplicity Problem for U(N) Using Shift Operators
    Professors Tuong Ton-That (Mathematics)
    Professors Bill Klink (Physics)
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana
  • May 1990 Jeng Yen
    Numerical Methods for Constrained Equations of Motion in Mechanical Systems Dynamics
    Professors Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
    Professor Florian Potra (Mathematics)
    Telerobotics, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
  • May 1988 Ann Castelfranco
    Nonlinear Feedback Processes in Models of Neuronal Excitability
    Professor Peter Getting (Physiology)
    Professor Herbert Hethcote (Mathematics)
    Bekesy Lab/PBRC at University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • May 1986 Van Kolpin
    Extensions and Application of Effectivity Function Theory
    Professor Tatsuro Ichiichi (Economics)
    Professor of Economics, University of Oregon
  • December 1982 Hung Ly Lam
    Numerical Methods for Iterative Structural Optimization with emphasis on Problems with Repeated Eigenvalues
    Professor Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
  • December 1980 Kyung K. Choi
    Optimization of Structures with Repeated Eigenvalues
    Professor Ed Haug (Mechanical Engineering)
    Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa
  • May 1977 David Fyfe
    Studies in Two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
    Professor David Montgomery (Physics)
  • May 1976 Hayley Shen
    On the Application of Similarity Analysis
    Karl Lonngren (Information Engineering)
    Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University
  • Natalie Clark
  • Yangfang Zhang
  • Michael Covello

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