The Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the Graduate College of the University of Iowa. It cooperates with the Departments of Mathematics, and other mathematically-oriented departments. The administrative offices are located in Room 14 of MacLean Hall. The current program chair is Professor Weimin Han. Follow the links to obtain further information or application materials.


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Recent Graduates

  • December, 2016Benjamin Dill
    Thesis title: Numerical simulation of the impact of a steel ball with a rigid foundation
    Professor David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Position: Tenure-track, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • December, 2016Nan Hu
    Thesis title: A Unified Discrepancy-Based Approach for Balancing Efficiency and Robustness in State-Space Modeling Estimation, Selection, and Diagnosis 
    Professor Joseph Cavanaugh (Biostatistics)
    Position: Associate Statistical Scientist, Genentech, San Francisco
  • December, 2016Nathaniel Richmond
    Thesis title: On Stochastic Network Design: Modeling Approaches and Solution Techniques 
    Professor Pavlo Krokhmal (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, now at University of Arizona)
    Position: Senior Operations Research & Advanced Analytics Specialist, BNSF Railway in Ft. Worth, Texas
  • December, 2016Ze Zhao
    Thesis title: Stochastic Volatility Models with Applications in Finance
    Professor Palle Jorgensen (Mathematics)
    Position: Risk Analyst, Transamerica, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • August, 2016Joseph Ambrose
    Thesis title: Dynamic Field Theory Applied to fMRI Signal Analysis 
    Professor Rodica Curtu (Mathematics)
    Position: Post-doc, University of East Anglia
  • August, 2016Mario Barela
    Thesis title: A Complimentarity Approach to Modeling Dynamic Electronic Circuits
    Professor David Stewart (Mathematics)
    Position: Senior Research Engineer, BAE Systems, Burlington, MA
  • August, 2016Jeffrey Landgren
    Thesis title: An Acoustic Eigenvalue Problem and its Application to Electrochemistry
    Professor Gerhard Strohmer (Mathematics)
    Professor Johna Leddy (Chemistry)
    Position: Tenure-track, University of North Georgia
  • August, 2016Gregory Ongie
    Thesis title: Off-the-grid Compressive Imaging
    Professor Mathews Jacob (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Position: Post-doc, University of Michigan
  • August, 2016Julia Walk
    Thesis title: A Mathematical Model of the Effects of Multiple Myeloma on Renal Function
    Professor Bruce Ayati (Mathematics)
    Position: Tenure-track, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN