The Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the Graduate College of the University of Iowa. It cooperates with the Departments of Mathematics, and other mathematically-oriented departments. The administrative offices are located in Room 14 of MacLean Hall. The current program chair is Professor Weimin Han. Follow the links to obtain further information or application materials.


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Recent Graduates

  • December, 2017Gordon Aiello
    Thesis title: The Classical Moment Problem and Scattering Asymptotic in Euclidean Relativistic Quantum Theory
    Professor Wayne Polyzou (Physics and Astronomy)
    Professor Palle Jorgensen (Mathematics)
  • December, 2017Christine Caples
    Thesis title: A Tabulation of Tangle Families
    Professor Isabel Darcy (Mathematics)
    Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southern New Hampshire University
  • December, 2017Kenneth Czuprynski
    Thesis title: Numerical Analysis in Energy Dependent Radiative Transfer
    Professor Weimin Han (Mathematics)
    Position: Computational Scientist, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, PA
  • August, 2017Minli Bao
    Thesis title: A Moving-window Penalization Method and its Applications
    Professor Kai Wang (Biostatistics)
    Position: Research Engineer, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, Shanghai
  • August, 2017Patrick Seton Rhomberg
    Thesis title: On the Parallelization of Network Diffusion Models
    Professor Alberto Segre (Computer Science)
    Position: Software Engineer, Pivotal Software, Inc., OR
  • May, 2017Tracie Michlin
    Thesis title: Using Wavelet Bases to Separate Scales in Quantum Field Theory
    Professor Wayne Polyzou (Physics and Astronomy)
    Position: Adjunct Instructor, Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • May, 2017Silviya Valeva
    Thesis title: Workforce and Inventory Management under Uncertain Demand
    Professor Barrett Thomas (Management Sciences)
    Position: Post-doc, Rice University, Houston
  • May, 2017Kai Yang
    Thesis title: Dynamics of the Energy Critical Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Inverse Square Potential 
    Professor Xiaoyi Zhang (Mathematics)
    Position: Post-doc, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology