The Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the Graduate College of the University of Iowa. It cooperates with the Departments of Mathematics, and other mathematically-oriented departments. The administrative offices are located in Room 14 of MacLean Hall. The current program chair is Professor Laurent Jay. Follow the links to obtain further information or application materials.


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Recent Graduates

  • July, 2020Shuyang Fu
    Thesis title: L^p Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Equations with Unbounded Lower Order Terms
    Professor Lihe Wang (Mathematics)
  • July, 2020Melanie King
    Thesis title: Length Space Skeletonization
    Professor Oguz Durumeric (Mathematics)
    Professor Gary Christensen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA
  • July, 2020Hassan Rafique
    Thesis title: Provable Methods for Non-Convex Min-Max Optimization and Models for Interpretable Machine Learning
    Professor Qihang Lin (Business Analytics)
    Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Indianapolis